Remembering his curls

I knew it was only a matter of time before we’d finally break down and get my baby’s hair cut and today was that day. I admit I’ve found myself admiring his curls more and more as his hair grew over the last 19+ months. Like most mothers, I found it difficult to really let go of his curls to finally get his hair cut, so I find myself today remembering his curls and thankful that I took many pictures of them…



his curls...

Born with a head full of hair
I imagine part of what has been so challenging for me to finally commit to getting Jaylen’s hair cut is because not only do I not want to let go of just one more baby phase that I’ve adored seeing, but his hair is the one thing I remember most since the day he was born. My son was born with a head full of hair and it’s the one thing that many, including myself identified with from the moment I first saw him. Yes, I know, my baby’s hair will grow back – but I have to admit it’s one more connection that made the decision for me a much more reluctant one.

Jaylen's hospital photo

Heavenly Little Blessings

It’s really not his first…
For those that have been following us closely, you may remember, that this really isn’t Jaylen’s first haircut. As much as I came to admire Jaylen’s longer hair as an infant it was frustrating for me to see how his hair grew those first few months. Like most babies he lost some hair and some continued to grow. When he was about five months old we trimmed his “comb over” hair so he didn’t look like a silly old man and really in hopes that it’d grow back evenly.

Buh bye baby hairs

Jaylen's baby hairs.

Baby hairs


It was time…
Though this is really his second haircut, the decision was actually more challenging than the first. Over the last year I’ve grown connected to seeing my baby boy and his curls as he grew, and grew, and grew. So to me, this seems like his first haircut because the first one really only trimmed away a couple hairs to even his hair out. But yes, I finally agreed to this decision, despite how challenging it was to commit to. In fact, I bet if Jason hadn’t said he was going to take him today on his own I would have likely continued to prolong the idea of getting his haircut. Jason and I do both generally prefer shorter hair and with the summer rolling around his hair would have only become more of a challenge. The front of his hair has gotten so long over the last few months that getting his hair cut was really inevitable given his age. Now that he’s also in safe start lessons we also found that his hair began getting in his eyes and hindering him during lessons. So combined this has all allowed me to accept getting his hair cut. I imagine you all are more interested in seeing the photos…

Hope was very persistent in the idea of getting her brother’s hair cut. She was excited to finally take him today.

144/365: before their haircuts

Jaylen sat on Jason’s lap for his entire hair cut. He looked like such a big boy.

before his haircut

Of course I did like always and hid behind my camera and photographed the moment.

144/365: photographing Jaylen's first haircut

When Jaylen’s hair cut was done he got down and looked super happy to greet his daddy who had a huge smile on his face too. I admit that when I saw these two together that Jaylen looks so much like Jason now, especially like the pictures I remember seeing of Jason as a little boy.

after Jaylen's 1st haircut

144/365: after Jaylen's 1st haircut

Here he is before and after the haircut:

144/365: Jaylen's 1st haircut

So yes, the curls are gone but he’s still cute as ever. He certainly looks like such a big boy now. I guess there’s no way of ignoring the fact that my baby is growing up.

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I can’t deny it any longer…my baby is one.

The time since Jaylen was born has passed entirely too fast. We continue to feel blessed with the fact that our little guy is doing quite well and has filled our family with more love than we imagined was possible. His birthday was a memorable milestone where I found myself reflecting on how much he’s grown this past year.

Jaylen's first year

We decided that we’d hold off on having an actual birthday party, knowing Hope has a birthday coming up right around the corner. We still did something small to help recognize his special day. Here are a few highlights from today:

Hope & Jaylen playing early in the day.
happy kids

Hope decorated balloons for her little brother.
balloons decorated by Hope

Hope even made a card to accompany the gift she helped pick out for Jaylen. She’s so sweet to her brother. She wrote:

on the front: Happy Birthday Jaylen – you are a cool bro

on the inside:
I wish you were still little Jaylen but the time has come you were so cute now you are one I love you so much I love you
love Hope to: Jaylen xoxoxoxoxox kisses hugs

you are a cool bro...

Jaylen enjoyed opening his gifts.
opening gifts...

We sang happy birthday to him, he seemed to enjoy it.
Happy birthday to Jaylen!

Of course he loved the cake. He wasn’t so sure what to do at first, but in the end he enjoyed it so much that at one point he was even shaking to reach for it.

So as I reflect on this past year and wished there was a way to freeze time to keep some of the moments from ending, I now instead smile…knowing many great memories are ahead.

Here’s to you little guy…Happy Birthday Jaylen!

If you would like to see photos of Jaylen from the past year you can check them out in flickr.

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