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So I spent part of today resting and part of today having some fun (and experiencing a little frustration at the same time) setting up the beginnings of my new blog. So from today forward you can visit my new blog for personal, professional, educational, creative, and definitely photography related updates. The changes were made in part due to my recent interest in pursuing photography professionally as I continue to build my portfolio of newborn, child and family portraits. The next couple of months the list of newborns I’ll be photographing is growing and despite my recent news of my own loss, it certainly hasn’t deminished my love for newborn photography nor the gift I am able to share with new parents during some of the most special moments in their child’s life.

So go check out my new blog and from here out you all can expect to read blog entries from that blog instead. In the coming weeks you will hear more news about the official launch of my photography portfolio and photoshoots I will be offering before the holidays. Also, the look and feel of the blog, my web site, and all will be changing drastically. So for now it’s a means to keep on blogging and sharing all the upcoming opportunities and experiences – but expect to see huge transitions over the next few weeks and months.

And yes, yes, I know…some may not quite consider this recovery…but for those of you who know me best…I have a tough time sitting still for very long. I’ve been known to bounce back strong from some of the toughest moments and as challenging as this is and will likely continue to be for me – I’m absolutely confident that pushing through with all my goals I have set will see me through these tough times.

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  1. Amanda,

    I just wanted to say you are in my prayers through this challenging time of your life. You are such a talented woman full of character, energy and stamina. God has created you special for His great purpose. As I look at your pictures I am so overwhelmed at the talent that you contain in your hands. I wish one day soon that I am able to get to your level of greatness in photography. All your pictures say something and have feeling to them and emotion to them. It is almost like I am looking out my window when I go through your pictures!! You are very inspiring and do not let any process you may face in life ever allow it to discourage you or slow you down from accomplishing any goals you may have. May god continue to bless you and your lovely family.

    With sincere love,


  2. Gee~~~~u6211u662f?u749c???nYou are Don Juan From “Don Juan De Marco.” Click

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