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As many of you may be aware, I’ve been taking Hope & Jaylen to the photobooth every month on the anniversary of their birthday since Jaylen was about 2 months old. We’ve managed to keep up with it for all of 2008 and now for the first half of 2009. Hope still has a blast every month and is sure to remind me every time the 12th and 20th of the month roll around. Jaylen has become quite a little character since his first photobooth. He now acts silly just like his big sister. This past week they both made silly faces in the photobooth – definitely an unforgettable photobooth memory.

Here are the first six months of Jaylen’s photobooth (January thru June 12, 2009):

6 months of Jaylen's photobooth

And we’ve finished the first five months of Hope’s photobooth (January thru May 20, 2009):

5 months of Hope's photobooth - 2009

I was thankful I brought my nikon with me to this past week’s photobooth. The moment I saw them both making silly faces I couldn’t resist taking photos of the moment. Yes, the photobooth pictures themselves just aren’t enough for my photography obsession.

photobooth June 12, 2009

photobooth June 12, 2009

photobooth June 12, 2009

Jaylen and I also acted a little silly in the photobooth.

photobooth June 12, 2009

I’ve been asked many times how much longer I’ll keep up with photobooth. I wish I could answer that one. It’s become a part of our routine every month and as inconvenient as it might seem to take a trip to the mall twice a month – the kids and I all seem to agree that its a fun detour from the busy moments where we have an excuse to escape and have some fun. So for now I like to have this excuse to promote my children’s sillyness every time we visit the photobooth. Something tells me the moments at the photobooth will only continue to be as memorable with these silly kids of mine as they have been since we began photobooth.

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Our Atlanta trip

We returned from Atlanta this past weekend and I thought I’d take a moment to share a bit of the fun we had with you all. After learning that the Chicago Cubs were playing in Atlanta last week we decided that on Hope’s last day of school we’d take a trip to short trip to Atlanta to see the game and have a little fun. Though Orlando is a nice size city, I have to admit that it’s not quite as large as Atlanta. During our trip we stayed downtown at the Westin and loved the view from our room – the moment the kids and Jason walked into our room was quite memorable. Of course seeing this moment began what would become a trip where the camera rarely left my hands.

The view from our 65th floor room

Our first night in Atlanta we went to the game. The kids were excited, but no where near as excited as Jason was to see his cubbies play and to bring his kids to the game. It was Jaylen’s first trip to the ballpark, which was certainly a proud moment for his proud daddy.

watching batting practice

Jaylen was quite excited to be at the stadium full of stairs. We were left trying to hold him so he wouldn’t go tumbling down the stadium.

154/365: at the cubs vs braves game

Just before the game was set to start the rain began. Then it poured. And poured. And poured down rain. It rained for hours. We remained hopeful that the rain would stop and they’d be able to play the game but unfortunately the game was rained out.

Rain delay

The next day was very eventful. We started out our morning at the Georgia Aquarium. It was an amazing experience for the kids to see all the underwater creatures!

The jelly fish were cool!

At the aquarium

They seem so small

We also took a trip to the World of Coca-Cola where we were allowed to taste all 64 flavors of coke products. Hope had a blast trying out all the various flavors of coke.

Coca-cola taste test!

We also went to the Children’s Museum of Atlanta where they had a ton of creative and play spaces for children to play with. Hope wanted to stay all day and play.

painting at the Children's museum

We ended our day 2 at Stone Mountain which we originally had not planned in our trip. We heard a lot about it after arriving in Atlanta and decided to check it out. It was definitely one of the most memorable and enjoyable parts of our trip. When we first arrived Hope saw they had a huge climbing obstacle course. Jason and Hope decided they’d try it out. Once they were up many feet in the air we realized it was a little more challenging than originally expected. Though Hope was a little nervous at first she moved forward and completed the entire first level.

Stone Mountain Adventure

Stone Mountain Adventure

Stone Mountain Adventure

If you’ve never been to Stone Mountain I have to tell you it was one of the best unexpected parts of our trip. The scenery around the park was pretty amazing.

Stone Mountain

We enjoyed the view from the top of Stone Mountain park. The park overlooks Atlanta’s skyline.

on top of Stone Mountain

Though Hope was super cute during our trip, some of my favorite pictures of her from our trip were taken at Stone Mountain. She was super cooperative as I took the most pictures during our trip at Stone Mountain Park.

at Stone Mountain

Of course one of the things I looked forward to most was our trip to the zoo. On day three we went to the Atlanta zoo and visited the panda bears that I adore so much. This little guy was super cute taking a nap during our visit.

baby panda at the Atlanta zoo

Another panda was sleeping right next to the glass and Hope was able to go right next to the glass to admire it.

Hope near the sleepy panda

We took breaks at our hotel and there’s no doubt that the kids just loved the window in our room. They were usually either looking out it or playing near the curtains.

admiring Atlanta

He stayed occupied with the window

Our last night in Atlanta we went to the observation deck on the top floor of the Westin at sunset and took a few photos to help us remember the view.

Sunset at the sundial

So we’re off to a great start this summer. It looks like we have a trip back to Atlanta in a couple weeks for the make up game that was rained out. In the mean time we’re working on getting use to the new summer routine now that Hope’s school is out. We’re keeping the kids busy swimming this summer and much more. Hopefully you all enjoyed a few snapshots from our trip. You’ll find many more photos from our trip in flickr.

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