A year of photobooth

I must admit that a year ago when we began the monthly trips to photobooth that I wasn’t so sure if I’d be able to keep up with the idea…I mean, I am just a little busy these days. Here we are a year later and this evening I proudly compiled the photobooth pictures so we could take a quick glimpse of the experience. Check ’em out!

A year of photobooth with Hope (Dec 2007 – Dec 2008 )
(6 yr 1 month – 7 yr 1 month)

A year at the photobooth with Hope

A year of photobooth with Jaylen (Dec 2007 – Dec 2008 )
(2 months – 14 months)

A year at the photobooth with Jaylen

So are you going to continue your trips to the photobooth?
You bet! When we started this a little over a year ago I was a bit hesitant but knew it’d be fun. I must admit that after doing this for an entire year it was a fun experience where we could just enjoy that time with the kids. Sure I’m busy, but I owe it to my kids to make time like this during busy times to have fun and enjoy the moments.

Did you really go EVERY month on the monthly anniversary of their birthdays?
Yes, well – almost. Of course I started the tradition 2 days late for Jaylen in Dec 2007. In February Hope ended up with the flu and Jaylen had just had his immunizations so we went two days late that month as well. In April we went on a trip to Indiana and missed out on Jaylen’s so we just had more fun once the 2oth (Hope’s date) rolled around. But yes, we went virtually every month. Twice a month. A few months we even went more than that!

You have a great camera, don’t you think it’s a waste of money?
Ummm…sure – especially once you check out the quality of the photo prints. But the experience is priceless. I loved seeing the anticipation and excitement Hope felt each month and of course reflecting on the moments after the fact is fun!

So what did the kids REALLY think of the experience?
Grumpy session twoThe photos of course are merely a snippet of our experiences at the photobooth. Hope loved it. She would get very excited each month when I told her it was time to go to the photobooth. She came to remember the 12th and 20th of each month quite well!

Of course the experiences weren’t perfect. As Jaylen grows older I have come to notice a little competition. Hope has learned that his photobooth day is the 12th but she enjoys it so much that she likes to take pictures with him EVERY time. Through this experience she’s learned a lot about sharing.

holding Jaylen @ photoboothJaylen is just now beginning to really recognize the entire experience. He’s cried through several photobooth sessions – while frustrating at times (wishing he’d smile), I continued to enjoy each moment – looking back they’re all memorable moments – regardless of the smiles or tears.

Did you have any troubles finding photobooths?
waiting for photobooth to reboot after the power went outWe found most of our photobooths at the mall. I began to search for locations closer to our home and ironically most times that we strayed away from the photobooth we used most, we would run into fun problems. Yes, I say fun – because really the experience was what made this all worthwhile, regardless of little frustrations in hunting for photobooths.

Back in July we travelled to Panama City and before meeting with my family we took Hope with my niece to the mall that was just opening to the photobooth. We had to hunt all over the mall for the photobooth (which of course was on the opposite side of where we had parked).

In August we went to a different mall thinking it might be a little less busy. Of course it was thunderstorm season here in Florida and we had gotten all the way into the photobooth, paid our money, and as Hope got ready to take photos the power went out for a split second. After waiting a few minutes we realized that the photobooth was down and so we took a trip to our usual photobooth location to take Hope’s photos.

Did anyone else join the kids in the photobooth fun?
A few times Jason and I made our appearance into the photobooth – it gave us another excuse to get the kids out of the house. Hope and her cousin Ashley had fun in the photobooth back in July. And a few times we’ve managed to drag Hope’s friends, the Fortna boys, to the photobooth. All were great memories with the kids!

Where can I see the rest of the photobooth pictures?
I’ve posted them in flickr in our photobooth set for you guys to check out. As we continue with the experience we’ll continue to share some of the fun experiences.

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2008 Christmas cards

For the third year in a row, Hope and I created our family Christmas cards which are now in the mail. Hopefully by now most of you on our mailing list have received them but I wanted to take a moment to share the fun process we went through in the creation of this year’s cards.

At the start of the fall we came up with the idea to screen print our Christmas cards with some of Hope’s art work. We started working on our ideas way back in October in hopes of getting a head start on this project knowing how new I was to the screen printing process. Here Hope was back in October with one of her drawings:

Yes, it's October...

Of course starting in October was merely that, a start. I spent the next two months researching, reading, and learning everything about the screen printing process. I spoke with many designers experienced in screen printing and soaked up every ounce of knowledge about screen printing eager to experience screen printing for the first time. Between October and December Hope drew many more holiday drawings and words. Here’s most of the drawings I saved:

2008 Christmas cards progress

Once we finally finished up our final designs, I was fortunate to get to spend a few hours at Lure Design to see how they approached the screen printing process. I must extend a huge thanks to Sarah Blacksher for answering my never ending questions a few weeks ago where I saw first hand their process from burning screens, to printing, registration, duplexing, and reclaiming screens. Once I returned home I was eager to get started on printing the cards. My eagerness quickly turned to disappointment as I quickly found out that some of the artwork and handwriting had a bit too much fine detail for the screen mesh I had ordered (approx 150 count). Here’s one of my first screen prints of our cards which was planned to be printed with white an silver ink on brown paper with a light blue interior.

2008 Christmas cards - screen print attempt

Of course, I always have a back up plan, and so printing these traditionally was always the “other” option. It did allow me to use more colors, which some might find more fun. We printed about 100 cards this year and there are two versions. So if you haven’t had an opportunity to see our cards yet, here they are:

Version one:

2008 Christmas cards

Version two:

2008 Christmas cards

The back of all cards have a picture Hope drew of herself along with her super cool new signature:
2008 Christmas cards

The inside of the cards have a drawing Hope made of our family along with everyone’s name:
2008 Christmas cards

2008 Christmas cards

We sent out with most cards photos of the kids, here they are:

Christmas card photos - 2008

Christmas card photos - 2008

Christmas card photos - 2008

Many thanks to all of you who answered questions along the way as I learned about screen printing!

We hope you all enjoy this year’s cards. After this year’s experience with cards, we might just need to get started on next year’s cards in, oh…February. :o)

Merry Christmas everyone!

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