I can’t deny it any longer…my baby is one.

The time since Jaylen was born has passed entirely too fast. We continue to feel blessed with the fact that our little guy is doing quite well and has filled our family with more love than we imagined was possible. His birthday was a memorable milestone where I found myself reflecting on how much he’s grown this past year.

Jaylen's first year

We decided that we’d hold off on having an actual birthday party, knowing Hope has a birthday coming up right around the corner. We still did something small to help recognize his special day. Here are a few highlights from today:

Hope & Jaylen playing early in the day.
happy kids

Hope decorated balloons for her little brother.
balloons decorated by Hope

Hope even made a card to accompany the gift she helped pick out for Jaylen. She’s so sweet to her brother. She wrote:

on the front: Happy Birthday Jaylen – you are a cool bro

on the inside:
I wish you were still little Jaylen but the time has come you were so cute now you are one I love you so much I love you
love Hope to: Jaylen xoxoxoxoxox kisses hugs

you are a cool bro...

Jaylen enjoyed opening his gifts.
opening gifts...

We sang happy birthday to him, he seemed to enjoy it.
Happy birthday to Jaylen!

Of course he loved the cake. He wasn’t so sure what to do at first, but in the end he enjoyed it so much that at one point he was even shaking to reach for it.

So as I reflect on this past year and wished there was a way to freeze time to keep some of the moments from ending, I now instead smile…knowing many great memories are ahead.

Here’s to you little guy…Happy Birthday Jaylen!

If you would like to see photos of Jaylen from the past year you can check them out in flickr.

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Send us your box tops!

Box Tops bokeh!!!Lets be honest, with all that’s going on with the economy our schools could use as much help as possible. Though it may be tough for many to contribute financially to our local schools you all could be a small part of raising money for local schools. You may have noticed while doing your grocery shopping that many products these days sport the small box tops coupon worth 10 cents. It sounds like a small amount but with collaboration it could amount to quite a bit.

Since Hope began her first year in school last year she’s been quite excited to collect box tops for her school. In fact, she points out the things we need to purchase at the grocery stores that have box tops and if she catches us throwing them away we get warned that they are needed to raise money for her school. Over the summer we collected them and we now have a pile we are about to turn in. So naturally I had fun taking pictures of what could amount to quite a bit of money to local schools.

We’d like to encourage you all to collect box tops for your children’s schools. If you don’t have kids and would like to help out, Hope and I are collecting box tops and would be thrilled to have your help. If you’d like to send your box tops to us you can either send them by mail to:

Amanda Kern
P.O. Box 3028 MC 3-2
Orlando, FL 32802

OR if you are a student or faculty member and are on Valencia’s east campus I will be placing a box top collection box in the lab (1-213) that Hope has created.

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