My velociraptor

This past month I was humored to hear Jaylen’s crying compared to a velociraptor. He’s started to become much more vocal and and expressive, which includes his cries. So the next time you watch Jurassic Park you may just think you’re hearing my baby dinosaur crying. Here’s a little video I took of him yesterday (January 24, 2008):

Though he’s got a shrieking cry, I must admit it’s all worth it when we get to experience his true personality shining through. Jaylen is quite an active little baby and can often be found these days smiling and cooing nearly as much as he cries. He really loves to hold conversations with Hope these days. Here’s another video I took yesterday of Jaylen & Hope:

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A few more videos

I’ve been meaning to post some more videos from the last two months – so here they are! Enjoy!

Bugz – ladybug dance (Nov 15, 2007)
Hope was a little lady bug in her first school performance “Bugz”. Check out a few seconds of her performance.

Bugz – Picnic Song (Nov 15, 2007)
It was adorable watching Hope amongst the other kindergarteners singing during this picnic song. She’s near the center of this video.

Hope’s school mission (Nov 17, 2007)
The month after Hope started kindergarten I was amazed to hear her say her school mission because of all the new words I wasn’t use to her saying. Now she recites it constantly at home!

Hope behind the camera again (Dec 1, 2007)
Hope is becoming quite the comedian these days. You should enjoy her humor in this one.

Meet Hope’s two dogs (Dec 1, 2007)
Hope has fun taking a video of Bella and Cinderella, all while acting goofy of course!

Jaylen laughs & coos (Jan 11, 2008)
Finally we have it on video! This is adorable watching how Jaylen reacted with Jason today.

Jaylen talks with Hope (Jan 11, 2008)
And of course he loves to talk to Hope too!

I’ve also been posting pictures regularly in flickr in case you all haven’t noticed. :o)

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