Starting the photobooth tradition

December 20, 2007We’re starting a new tradition. As of this month we’re going to take the kids to the photobooth on the monthly anniversary of their birthdays. We’re going to take this time to not only have fun but to look back at the photos taken monthly to see just how much the kids grow over the months and years. On their birthdays I’ll montage the photos for the year for each of them so we can all see just how much they’ve grown over the year!

With how much technology has changed over the years with digital photography you might ask why waste the time, right? Well, I certainly love starting traditions that give the kids something fun to look forward to. I remember growing up how much fun the photbooths were. I figure it’ll let them have a little fun, act silly, and just capture some cute moments that they’ll remember.

Though I use to love photobooths, I have begun to wonder myself who really pays to use those photobooths that you find in the malls, etc. – especially now that most people own digital cameras. And though I’d love to take credit for this idea, apparently others started it long before I did. In fact, in flickr there are groups for photobooth photos. How fun!

So keep an eye out in flickr for new photobooth photos every month.

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An Angel Among Us

I suppose I’ve had a few people accuse me of being a sentimental person. This past week I was reminded that it’s now been fifteen years since Jason’s mother passed away. It’s amazing how important of a role this one person who I never knew has played in my life. I’ve been told how much Hope reminds others of Jason’s mother when she was about the same age. Though I’ve seen most of the family photos, it wasn’t until today that I sat and physically compared photos of her and Hope. I’ll let you be the judge:

An angel among us

The photo of Hope (on the left) was taken today and Jason’s mother (on the right) is close to the same age. Now I must admit I’ve always felt blessed having Hope. Not only was she our first child, but she was also the first granddaughter on Jason’s side of the family. His mother had hoped for a girl and ended up with four boys – so we can’t help but think that she helped bless us with our little angel. And I say angel because that what she is, but after seeing these photos I truly believe there are angels among us.

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2007 Christmas cards

I thought I’d let Hope do the honor of presenting the Kern family’s 2007 Christmas cards…

Hope & 2007 Christmas card

Last year we had a lot of fun making our own Christmas cards so we decided to take another stab at making new ones this year. Of course it’s fun to get Hope involved in creative projects and she certainly played a big part in this year’s cards. We decided to do just one version this year, though this year’s cards were actually MORE work than last years. The cards include a snowman made of buttons. Hope drew the snowman’s hat and arms, and insisted on making sure she drew an orange carrot nose on every snowman.

2007 Christmas cards

Now I must admit, though the snowmen are pretty darn cute, I especially love the back of the cards. Every card has Hope’s signature along with an illustration she created of herself.

Back of 2007 Christmas cards

ButtonsWe finished all 50 cards today. They’re in the mail, finally. Now as you might imagine, we’re a bit tired of buttons. Together Hope and I glued 150 buttons and scored and trimmed all 50 cards. Not to mention each card includes a letter to update everyone on this past year as well as some pretty nifty pictures of the kids.

Hopefully you receive your card in the mail before Christmas. If you don’t receive one this year be sure to send us your address. We’re taking orders now for next year’s cards! :o) Errr….I mean that way we can make sure to add you to our list for next year.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! 

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