A little longer…

A little longer...Just last week it finally dawned on me – there’s only about a month left until Baby Kern will arrive. Where has the time gone? Needless to say we’ve reached the point of this pregnancy where we are beginning to get a bit nervous, anxious, and excited. With about 4 1/2 weeks remaining, we found ourselves at one of our last appointments before the baby arrives today to see Baby Kern again one last time before his birthday. They decided to do another ultrasound this morning to check on the size of the baby and he seems to be growing rapidly. According to the ultrasound tech right now he’s approximately 6 pounds 2 ounces. The doctor reminded us that babies generally gain about 1/2 a pound a week during the last month until they are born, so you do the math – he’s more than likely going to be larger than Hope (she was only 6 pounds 7 ounces). During the ultrasound the tech noted that he wasn’t sucking his thumb, which is a first out of all the ultrasounds we’ve seen clearly. So she switched over to the 4D ultrasound and took some amazing shots of him resting. Check out more of the photos taken in our flickr account.

I guess we’ll just have to await a few more weeks patiently to finally meet Baby Kern. Only a little longer!

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Our star student!

Hope & DaddyThough we suspected Hope would enjoy school, it was pretty evident after her first week in school that she was having a lot of fun and learning lots of new things. We were quite amazed, proud, and thrilled to learn that after she finished up her second week in kindergarten she earned Student of the Week for her class.

Student of the week brought her a number of rewards to be proud of. She got to share pictures of herself and her family along with answering questions that were posted on a board in her school for everyone to see. She also got to bring home a reward from her teacher. I must admit, I wasn’t sure who this “Molly Moss” character was, but Hope talked about her constantly for the first two weeks of school. All she kept saying was that her teacher told the class that if they are really good they might get to take her home and take her everywhere they go. She was clearly excited with this incentive and was so proud to bring her home the day she earned student of the week.

bubblesAnother treat for Hope, Jason, and I was that we were invited to school on Wednesday to eat lunch with Hope. It was quite cute seeing her with her classmates. Jason was even invited to read Hope’s new favorite book “How do dinosaurs go to school?” to Hope’s class.

So how much does Hope really enjoy school? Well, in just three weeks she has amazed me. She comes home excited to show us what she’s done in school and often times tells us of many of the events during her day with her classmates. She’s having lots of fun – and often tells us her adventures in music, PE, and science class. She gets excited about her homework and other at home projects and continuously tells us that she can’t wait to take it back to school to show her teacher. Though she’s known her abc’s for quite a while now, her class is in the midst of learning them more in depth and it seems like every time we turn around she’s either trying to spell new words or telling us what letter a word starts with.

And if you’re wondering how we’re doing now that she’s in school – it took a few days to get use to but we enjoying seeing her excitement each day she is dismissed from school. Now, if we could only keep her from getting sick or injured we’d be happy. It seems germs spread rather easily in kindergarten and we’ve already had to watch her battle a cold, stomach bug, and a minor case of pink eye. And we’ve come to learn that pencil injuries at school are more common than you might imagine. Other than those things that are out of our control, we are certainly enjoying watching her grow through all of the moments she experiences in school.

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