Appreciating the little things…

Ariel, The prince + more...Between keeping busy this summer and having a few setbacks in the last month, I’m reminded just how fortunate I am. It’s easy to take for granted some of the best things life brings, but during challenging times I always find myself reflecting on the little things that have made my life special. During tough times, it sure is hard to feel bad for too long when I’m blessed with Hope and now another little one on the way. With thoughts of a new baby on the way, it’s hard to believe it’s been that long since Hope was itty bitty.

Hope & JusticeAnd that’s when I realized just how fast time is passing. Hope is now becoming more independent and continues to pretend some amazing imaginative things as she plays around the house. I recently began sifting through a ton of Hope’s artwork that she’s created in the last year and couldn’t help but smile at how imaginative she is. We sat here for quite a while discussing what she’s drawn in the pictures I’ve scanned – and she just had so many little stories to tell with each and every picture. So if you’ve got some time I encourage you to take a few minutes to take a peek at some of her creations from this last year. These are just a few – I have a ton more to scan so it looks like Hope’s art collection is growing.

Anyhow, we hope you enjoy her latest creations…and may this remind you to “appreciate the little things”.

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  1. aww, she is already talented. she has a good sense of color and knows when and how it should be used. i loved the one that looks like the world and it says flickr at the top, that is great! with you as her mom, she is sure to become a creative genious! she’s super cute.

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