Finally – the news you’ve been waiting for

kern-boy.jpgI’ve finally been able to free up time this week, and honestly, you’ve in suspense long enough…

It’s a boy!

I won’t lie, I’ve suspected it for several weeks now – and have even joked about how this pregnancy must be that much more challenging than what I experienced with Hope because it’s a boy. Well, it’s now been confirmed. The ultrasound technician instantly said as she took this photo, “Well, there’s no doubt, it’s a boy.”

I felt a bit bad afterwards because Hope who was in the room the entire time was sad because she really wanted a little sister and instantly told us she didn’t want a brother anymore. Since I’ve been pregnant she has let us know one week she hopes we have a girl and the next week a boy, but I’d say the last month she’s had her heart set on a little girl. In fact she even sat down with Jason one day and decided on a list of girl names. We definitely don’t have any boy names picked out yet. Any ideas?

babykern-16-1.jpgAs far as the baby, he’s doing great. Though I’ve been losing weight, this little stinker is growing like a weed. If you can’t tell – just look at the size of that belly! You may remember from the last update that the purpose of this ultrasound was actually to monitor how things were going after a few concerns. The great news is that all the bleeding found near the baby is gone and though I still have placenta previa, they’ve said that it’s now marginal – which indicates it’s showing signs that it may move upwards which would take the complication of placenta previa away. Unfortunately that means I’m still on light duty for another four weeks. So much for taking this little one spinning at the Y before it’s born. So, we’ll go in again in about a month for yet another ultrasound to check on this and so they can take a closer look at the baby.

Okay, I hope you all enjoy the news – and for those who weren’t too happy with the suspense, I do apologize but this week really has been super busy. Besides, if I wanted to be really mean I could have just waited to find out again, like we did with Hope. But I’m thankful that now we know we need to “think blue”.

Oh, and if you’re interested in seeing more photos of the baby you can check them out in the set in flickr.

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It’s a….

When we had Hope we decided to wait to find out if she was a girl or boy, for the joy of being surprised on delivery day. Just as with Hope we’ve really just been praying for a healthy baby, but we’ve decided to end the torture early this time and find out whether we’re having a girl or boy. Although the anticipation was well worth the wait when we had Hope, we look back and realize how underprepared we felt after Hope was born.

This week I’ve been very busy preparing for the upcoming semester, an interview, and applying to Savannah College of Art & Design’s eLearning program. So although we’ve found out – unfortunately I’ll have to keep you in suspense a little longer.

But go ahead, take a guess…

Oh, and calling or emailing won’t speed up the process of finding out, so stay tuned – and you’ll all have an official update soon! 

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