Who does the baby really look like?

et-baby-1.jpgAfter a long six weeks, I’ve finally decided to post an update. I figured I’d try my hardest to have a bit of fun with this update so I thought you all would enjoy first seeing the latest ultrasound picture of baby Kern.

After seeing the ultrasound I was reminded how much Hope looked like a little alien this early on. We were quite relieved to get to see the baby along with a seeing a nice strong heartbeat. And for all those unsure who’s the father after seeing the picture – it’s really NOT E.T.!!! 🙂

We found out today that the baby is, as the doctor put it, “growing beautifully”. I’m 12 1/2 weeks, however, the baby has grown so much that by measuring they predict it to be 13 weeks and 6 days. However, they won’t be changing the due date because the ultrasound is supposedly more accurate earlier on.

Though this visit was scheduled to be a pretty routine visit, they did have a few concerns to check up on during the ultrasound. Last time around they discovered minor bleeding near the baby during the ultrasound. They noticed that it has grown slightly in this ultrasound. They also found that right now the placenta is previa, meaning it’s positioned before the baby – which could become a complication later in the pregnancy. However, we were reassured that placenta previa is very common early on and that we shouldn’t be too worried this early on because it often fixes itself later in the pregnancy.

These obviously do have us a bit nervous, but for now we’ll just have to hope and pray for the best. Both of the concerns have put me on light duty, meaning I have to rest a lot and I’ve been restricted from doing quite a bit – to include most housework, vacuuming, exercising, etc. Fortunately I can still work. For those of you who know me well – it’s a challenge for me to sit still for too long. But I certainly will take the advice of the doctor and hope everything is resolved in the upcoming weeks.

We return to the doctor in 4 weeks. I must admit the good part to all this is that they’ll be doing ultrasounds more often. It’s always reassuring getting to see the baby as it grows.

It’s very reassuring to see all of our friends and family who have shown support over the last two months. But for me, I couldn’t be happier to have someone as supportive as Jason here through this all. He really has been my strength through these last few months…errr…years. Heck – it’s almost been a decade! Even if the baby slightly resembles E.T., I wouldn’t trade him for the world! 🙂

If you’re interested in checking out more of Baby Kern’s photos check out the set in flickr.

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