Expecting the unexpected

hope-big-sister.jpgSo though we’ve known for a couple of weeks now, it’s finally time we break the news. In fact, Hope has been the best at telling everyone so why not start there:

So does this mean you’re pregnant?


When did you find out?

We officially found out the news on Valentine’s Day.

How far along are you and when is the baby due?

We found out today that I’m nearly 7 weeks pregnant. We’re excited to announce that baby Kern is due on October 19th, 2007. Thankfully, not on our anniversary or my birthday – though the date is very close.

How is Hope taking the news?

Hope is absolutely thrilled. She’s been drawing lots of pictures of her and the baby and she’s been dancing around the house chanting her new song “My Momma’s going to have a baby…” over and over. Her other new song is “I’m going to be a big sister”. She’s very proud and we knew as soon as we told her it’d be tough to keep it a secret for long.

So how have you been feeling?

baby-kern.jpgUmmm. Pregnant. Okay, really in three words – Nauseous, fatigued, and emotional. After having two miscarriages prior to Hope the first trimester has always been the biggest challenge for me. But I’m in great spirits, especially after this morning. I underwent an ultrasound to confirm the due date and it was a HUGE relief to see the little pitter patter of the baby’s heart!

Do you plan to continue to work?

Ummm. Yes. Absolutely. Me not work? I would go crazy if I didn’t continue to work. I’m sure along the way I’ll be resting a lot but I do have every intention to work up to the point that I have the baby and I plan to return shortly thereafter.

This is pretty surprising news, I didn’t realize you guys were trying to have a baby. Was this expected or unexpected?

Yes, we’ve placed this baby into God’s hands and figured when the time was right we’d get pregnant – we couldn’t feel more blessed. So in a way, we’ve been expecting this, but it’s been quite some time so we’re actually quite surprised.

We certainly hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well! Is there anything else you’d like to share with those reading?

Thanks. And thanks for all the support from friends and family. We’ll continue to say our prayers. For those who haven’t heard the news just know I’ll be talking with many of you soon. Obviously I’ve been a bit busy and tired.

Awesome – way to go. Now you can relax – the cat’s out of the bag. Oh, and did you just interview yourself?

Haha. Why yes, I did. Hope you all enjoy the news!

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