First day of gymnastics

Hope balancingHope’s a pretty active kid so this past week we had a lot of fun watching her in her first gymnastics lesson. We figured that seeing how it’s getting cooler that it might be wise to give swimming a break and try something new. So we signed her up for a trial lesson at The Little Gym. The Little Gym is great for young kids – with a large padded room full of gymnastics apparatus – it seems to be a fun and safe place to play and begin to learn gymnastics. Hope is naturally a shy child when she’s in unfamiliar places so the first 15 minutes of her lesson we watched her as she was testing the waters and getting comfortable. You could tell she was nervous in a room full of strangers, while Jason and I both watched through the windows. For Hope to open up it only took getting her involved in her first activity of the “Crocodile Egg” bean bags, where she got to lift up “Crocodile Eggs” (bean bags) with her feet to rescue them to safety.

She clearly loved the balance beam, regardless of how high off the ground it was. And she had a blast jumping up on the spring board. The most apprehensive part of the lesson for her was the bar apparatus where she learned to turn all the way over the bar, with help of course.

In the end, we signed her up – and by the way, that’s all she’s talked about this last week. So we’re excited to see her learn new things and develop her skills. Oh, and there’s a new set in flickr: gymnatics 2006. So go check out the photos!

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‘book’marks & puzzles

It’s always cute hearing when kids learn new words or when they make up their own words. Over the last few years we’ve heard many renditions of various words Hope’s learned to say. Considering her age she has a decent vocabulary but I couldn’t help but grin thinking how cute she was today with her latest rendition of a word. Today she had pointed to a small bruise on her leg and said it was a “book”mark. She does have three birthmarks so she’s heard us speak of birthmarks many times, but it’s the first time I’ve ever heard “book”mark.

Oh, maybe it’s because she’s been reading a lot lately. Her latest favorite book is “Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What do you See?” – which she checked out from the library last week. She LOVES the book so much that we might just have to buy it – then again she also knows how much I love pandas. She’s starting to learn to read little words but she can’t quite read this one on her own. But if you just saw her with the book when she reads it outloud you’d swear she could read it from cover to cover!

This past month Hope has also become a puzzle savvy kid. It all started with the plea for a puzzle when we were at the store. I wasn’t sure if a 100 piece puzzle would be too much for a 4 year old but that’s all it took to see that she has a great fascination for figuring things out. Now naturally we’ve acquired and conquered many more puzzles since, to include up to a 170 piece puzzle. There have been several days where she’s been content for hours putting together multiple puzzles. One things for sure, she’s a thinker!

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My little runner up!

So in July when I let Hope color a Veer coloring contest page for fun I never thought by sending it in that much would happen of it. She was so set on sending it in, so we did just that. It turns out that she wasn’t a contest winner, but she is a runner up! She’s still a winner in my books!

We’ve been a bit busy here but promise to send another update soon. In the meantime, I wanted to share the news I got today from Veer. So check her artwork out on Veer’s web site (it’s in the 6th row) or the one of her in flickr after she finished coloring it.

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