10,000+ photos!

Well, I forgot to mention that during our trip last week I finally reached a milestone with my digital camera. I’ve had my camera about 2 1/2 years now and I’ve used it religiously. Most people know I love to take photos – well if this isn’t proof I don’t know what is. That’s right I surpassed taking 10,000 photos with my camera while we were on our trip to Panama City. I was a bit frustrated with my camera when it rolled passed that 10,000 number. You see with my camera after you reach 9,999 photos it rolls back to 0001. So I was frustrated with the fact that all of my photos were out of order. All I could think was that something was wrong with my camera but indeed it was as reliable as it’s always been – I had just taken more photos than I think Sony realized someone could take. I had hoped if something were wrong it might give me an excuse to get a Nikon digital SLR, but I guess that’ll have to wait. I figure if I were paid just a penny for each photo I took I’ve earned back every penny I spent on the camera, not to mention earning all the memories in the photos I’ve taken. Those are certainly priceless!

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