A picture for Connie

Hope was really excited to go pick Connie up from the airport yesterday evening that she drew this really cute picture. She actually drew two sides to this picture. One side she drew a picture of herself and tried to write “I love you Connie” and on the other side there was a rainbow. And she wrote the word “stop” which she loves to write everywhere now!

Hope was ready to go hours before it was time to pick Connie up. It was fun trying to explain to her that no matter how early we left Connie’s flight wouldn’t come in any earlier. All the excitement to go pick her up and on the way to the airport she fell asleep on the way there and didn’t get to see her. First thing this morning she asked “Mommy, where’s Connie”.

Hope’s starting to become quite the artist. If you haven’t gotten one of her drawings – you might be interested in checking out some of her drawings I’ve started to place in Flicker. I have an entire set named “Hope’s art”

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