Rainy Days at Sea World

seaworld.jpgJason and I have some schedules that are near polar opposites these days so we may have time on Sunday or Monday so we usually try to make the most of our time. I must admit that we rarely make plans, it’s usually very last minute decisions to – oh say, go to Sea World. And that’s just what we did yesterday. As you might know, we have the Sea World passes so we always enjoy taking a trip to see Shamu and the dolphins when it fits in our schedule.

We decided that because it was mid-July we’d wait until the late afternoon to go because even as Floridians we really can’t stand the scorching heat. You see most Floridians are smart and stay indoors when it’s so darn hot! Well, even leaving at 5pm it was still draining to be out in the heat. Lucky for us a nice rainstorm came and sat right over Sea World for close to an hour. Yes, we enjoyed the rain – partly because they weren’t thunderstorms. But it really helped cool things down.

Hope managed to get to ride the shamu roller coaster with Jason for the first time. It’s really just a kiddie roller coaster but she seemed to have a lot of fun. Now if you get the chance to go to Sea World anytime soon I’d suggest the Clyde & Symore show with the Sea lions, Otters, and Walruses. Yes, I must say this is one I avoided for the longest time and about a year ago I saw it for the first time and it was hilarious. They just started up a new night version of the show where they do a parody of all the other Sea World shows like Shamu’s Believe, Blue Horizons, and many others. It’s a great laugh if you ever get the chance to go.

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Veer’s Greatest Coloring Contest

coloringcontest.jpgWell, I got this cool creative book in the mail from the stock photography site Veer and it came with a pretty neat little coloring contest. Now of course Hope loves to color so my instant response to receiving it was – cool, Hope can coloring it. It looks like they’re giving out prizes for the best entry. So what do you think? This has got to be the most creative! Heck, what’s the worst that could happen? She wins nothing and has fun coloring?

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A picture for Connie

Hope was really excited to go pick Connie up from the airport yesterday evening that she drew this really cute picture. She actually drew two sides to this picture. One side she drew a picture of herself and tried to write “I love you Connie” and on the other side there was a rainbow. And she wrote the word “stop” which she loves to write everywhere now!

Hope was ready to go hours before it was time to pick Connie up. It was fun trying to explain to her that no matter how early we left Connie’s flight wouldn’t come in any earlier. All the excitement to go pick her up and on the way to the airport she fell asleep on the way there and didn’t get to see her. First thing this morning she asked “Mommy, where’s Connie”.

Hope’s starting to become quite the artist. If you haven’t gotten one of her drawings – you might be interested in checking out some of her drawings I’ve started to place in Flicker. I have an entire set named “Hope’s art”

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New words: stop & off

We’ve been working with Hope lately with her spelling. I’m pretty impressed at how quickly she has learned to spell thus far. She’s started with the simple words like her name, cat, dog, car, and go. She even got a kick out of picking her own words to spell. She has tried words like daughter and flower – she hasn’t quite remembered those words but she always wants to try. She was in fits laughing because she could spell the word fart a month or two ago. I know, not the best word to teach a kid – but it can’t hurt if she’s continuing to want to learn.

There are many times that she is sitting with Bella pretending to read or spell. Often times she’s just blurting off letters thinking she’s spelling a word. It’s rather cute – it’s like she’s making up her own words!

Today she proved that she’s remembered two new words: stop and off. How funny is it that Jason taught her those two words? Good thinking Daddy! Every day I come home from work he has taught her something new. Today she came running to me: “Mommy, I know my whole address”. And she surely did!

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Have you joined Flickr?

Flickr, it’s being dubbed as the photosharing revolution. If you haven’t used it – you don’t know what you’re missing!

Check out our Flickr photos.

Okay so if I haven’t mentioned it to some of you yet – I’m pretty hooked on flickr. Everyone knows I LOVE to take photos – so this is perfect for me to be able to share photos with you all. I’m still wondering why I never tried Flickr earlier. I’m in the process of organizing and uploading photos as far back as when Hope was itty bitty, as well as some of her “art” and recent pictures too. Anytime you want to see photos from us you can check out that link…I’ll be updating it regularly. Sometimes every day, sometimes every few days – or longer – it all depends on my schedule and what we’re doing. So you can bookmark it – it’s not changing.

So if you’ve seen the photos on flickr…my next question is – have you joined? I’m surprised how many of my family and friends don’t know of it or don’t use it or both. I guess being so intertwined with web design it seems like everyone around me (industry wise) is using it…but no family or friends. Which is a shame. It’s absolutely free to join. Flickr is affiliated with yahoo and they have a great reputation. If you have a yahoo account your one step closer because it uses yahoo logins. If you join you can start sharing photos, commenting, as well as printing from online or creating other cool things like books, calendars, posters, or dvd’s – All from flickr! You can also upload pictures as “public” or “private”. Now, if you get hooked like I did you’ll find they have a lot of great features and benefits to upgrading to their pro membership which is really inexpensive – what put me over the edge to upgrade was the ability to add even more photos and to get really organized by using sets.

Interested? Want to learn more — if so here’s a great link that has some info about flickr: Learn more about Flickr

Anyhow, hope to see you flickr’ing soon! If you join be sure to let me know so I can add you as a contact. I imagine in time I might start making some of these photos private for only friends and family to see.

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Perhaps it was luck that the Discovery shuttle happened to launch on Independence Day – or was it intentional? With several launch attempts scrubbed it was luck for us that the launch happened on July 4th. Although we could technically see shuttles in the past from the Orlando area Jason had his heart set on seeing a shuttle closer, even more so Hope was rather eager to see the “spaceship”. So on the fly we drove over towards Cape Canaveral.

With much amazement the traffic on the way there was not bad at all. Until, of course, we came within 6 miles of the Visitor’s complex – which is exactly where we stopped. It was much like a parking lot in the middle of a highway, but the sense of anticipation and unity of those who came to see the spectacle was pretty remarkable. And now that the launch has gone and passed everyone knows that the shuttle made it safely into orbit – however, that sense of the unknown made way for huge cheers amongst the crowd of people standing in the heat in the middle of a highway.

See the pictures for yourself.

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